Parkour Gym List

In recent years, the number of parkour gyms across the world has increased dramatically. The USA has the highest number of gyms of any country, but other areas are experiencing growth as well. To be included in the list below, a facility has to be primarily focused on parkour and have permanent structures for obstacle negotiation. Exclusion […]

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Parkour Strength Training is finally here!

I know you were waiting for a long time, but I promise, you won’t be disappointed. At over 250 pages in length, Parkour Strength Training is the most complete resource available for how to succeed with obstacle-based movement. The book compiles Ryan Ford’s 10 years of parkour coaching experience into one compendium designed to help […]

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The Parkour Strength Training book is coming…

After more than a year in development, the Parkour Strength Training book is almost here! Ryan Ford, the founder of APEX Movement, ParkourEDU, and the Demon Drills YouTube channel, and I have been hard at work crafting the ultimate resource for obstacle-based fitness. Designed as a sport-specific strength and conditioning manual, it covers preliminary bodyweight strengthening, […]

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A parkour mecca: APEX Movement – Boulder

Pack your bags. Load the car. Get on a flight. Do whatever you have to do, to get yourself to Boulder, CO. The APEX Movement flagship gym there is beyond epic: It’s a mecca for parkour athletes. As some of you may know, I got to hang out there for a few days earlier this […]

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Natural Born Heroes Book Review

A scream stirs you awake. It’s the middle of the night and you open your window to find the neighboring apartment building ablaze. People are in trouble. They need you. Kids need to be carried down the fire escape. A grandmother needs help exiting the building. What do you do? Rush to the rescue, of […]

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Playing with the Elements

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize how the weather impacts your training. A recent rainfall demands precaution with jumping and landing. Two feet of snow obscures common obstacles, yet illuminates fresh ways to move through the landscape. An ice storm might push your training to a covered area, someplace unglazed by frozen water. As […]

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Short-Form vs Long-Form Training

You’ve been training for a few months now, building strength, acquiring skills, and gaining confidence. You’ve got some different vaults under your belt, and appreciate how your balance has been steadily improving. Most importantly, you feel safe training outdoors, and trust your ability to recover from a bail. Overall, your training has been going really […]

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The Kaizen Way: Small Daily Improvements

A little farther on your broad jump. A bit faster on your climb-up. Slightly smoother with your lazy vault. While it’s a cool feeling to walk away from your first double kong, parkour gains need not always focus on going full beast mode. In fact, incremental improvements with basic skills is a much more important […]

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The World Is Your Gym

A little motivational poster for you:

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Book Review: Parkour and the Art du Deplacement

I was heavy into karate as a kid. Learning subtle dodges, effective blocks, punches, and spinning kicks — that stuff had me giddy. I loved mastering my body and seeing how I could test myself against opponents in the sparring ring. It brought me into myself and taught me the connection between my body and […]

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